#Feminism #Selfies and ‘Over 40’ Rules I Refuse to Follow

Screen shot 2014-10-14 at 3.07.52 AMI’ve always been a bit of a trouble maker and a rule breaker. Maybe it’s that “youngest child syndrome” thing, always screaming to be heard among the crowd. Since hitting “The Big 4-0” (I know, I know, I don’t look a day over 29!), I’ve been hearing, or maybe noticing, a lot more “don’t do this over 40” articles and rants.

Me, being the rebel that I am, of course wants to do the exact opposite. The more I hear “don’t” the more I want to “do”…. especially when it is someone close to me telling me not to do something.

I recently had someone who used to be close to me, and is 3+ years older than me, tell me I am a narcissist for posting too many selfies and that I should not post photos of “fish lips” and “cleavage shots” at “my age.” (Which, by the way, I don’t post fish lips, but cleavage shots once in a while? Maybe.)  My response?

  1. You’re insecure (and a bitch). Anyone who tries to make someone feel like less of themselves has serious issues.
  2. Who the hell are you to tell me what to do? You live your life and I’ll live mine. Don’t cross my side of the line and we’ll be fine.
  3. What business is it of yours? If you don’t like it, delete, hide, block and shut the F up!
  4. At “what age” are we supposed to stop feeling sexy and feminine and beautiful ? And why is it a bad thing?

I’m really sick and tired of  politically correct “feminists” telling us what is and what is not okay as far as fashion or ideals go. We have seen women celebrate their femininity for decades; from Marilyn Monroe to Sofia Loren, and from to Jackie O to J-Lo, each of these strong, power, beautiful women who are sexy and smart in their own unique way.

Why hide our boobs? Why be embarrassed? Cleavage has been fashionable since the Renaissance times (and before), in famous art work and films like Gone With the Wind. The only people who seem to complain are uptight women and preachers.

And why is it such a bad thing to feel good about yourself and celebrate your femininity? By being a strong, confident woman aren’t we teaching our daughters to do the same? I don’t need to dress in a pants suit, cut my hair short, read Sylvia Plath and be a man hater to be a feminist.  You can be beautiful, smart and sexy and still want equal rights and equal pay for women….. and you don’t have to dress in a burlap sack.

Teaching my daughter to work hard, respect both men and women in society, and to love who she is on the inside and the outside is the best lesson I can teach her, no matter what age. One lesson I am teaching her is not to be embarrassed of her body, her economic status or her age. It is not what defines you as  a person.

What makes us special is who we are on the inside and how we react to the haters, complainers and negative people on the outside. And here is how I am reacting. I am refusing to follow the “Don’t Wear This Over 40 Rules,” continuing to love myself, and dress in clothes that make me feel good and confident no matter what my age. (I’ll be the crazy old lady riding my bike around town in a skirt and my Chuck Taylors).

So come and get me fashion police. I will fight you tooth and nail with my spiked stilettos.


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