#Diet Day 2: A Workaholic Weighs Pros & Cons of Church vs. Abode


Hi, my name is Wendi and I am a workaholic.  It’s been 86 days since I last had a good night of sleep without worrying about my job responsibilities.This is what I look like when I get little to no sleep.

I love my job as a work-from-home news editor…. most of the time…. except when battling internet trolls on just 3-4 hours of shuteye. They hide behind fake names and fake photos and engage me in epic, endless warfare about nothing. Usually I can deal, but not when I’m sleep deprived.

Screen shot 2014-10-15 at 6.35.01 PM

Lack of sleep, coupled with an emotional female teen, can do a number on one’s emotions. So can working from home without any adult interaction. And starting an extreme no-carb diet.  Day 2 results at the end.

Back to working from home: For starters, it takes a phenomenal amount of self-discipline to start work when you know you don’t have to clock in at 9 a.m. Then there’s social media….. and learning to ignore all the cute puppy posts, awesome recipes, and political and religious rants when you just want to jump in and give your two cents. And I have to be on social media all day because that is where I get a lot of my info for work.

Add in the stir-crazy factor of being the only person around all day, with no one but your puppy to talk to, and there’s a recipe for disaster. But somehow, I just keep on truckin’. Not saying that to say: “Yay me!” but “Yay me!”

But despite the 12-14 hour days, it’s still way better than dealing with a judgmental and domineering boss like at one of my last job in a church. The custodian would ask me out to dinner on a regular basis (like very day) even though I told him I was married and I dropped all the hints that a short and chunky Latino with greasy hair and bad breath was not really my type (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Then there was the secretary (as I liked to call her) who acted like she was my boss (but really wasn’t) and would find things on a daily basis to get up my butt about….. like parking in “her spot” when I didn’t know it was hers since it wasn’t labeled, not turning in receipts in the proper manner and calling her “Secretary” when her “official title” is “Administrative Assistant.” Then there’s that time she donated to a charity art auction I was running and after she got mad at me she actually stopped payment on the check for my daughter’s painting she bought. REAL Christian. I found the painting in a plastic grocery bag in my desk the next day.

And by the way, what’s with people changing their titles to make themselves seem more important these days.? Waiters are now called “food servers,” managers are called “Chief Quality Officers.” Check out these 21 hilarious job titles. I just want to know what a”Milf Commander” is and how she got the job???

Back to my last job- after all the fire alarms for the custodian leaving hot dogs on the stove, the senseless meetings, and angry, finger-pointin’ church folk, and the 90-minute commute each way, the straw that broke the camel’s back was the funeral. Yes, the funeral.

I was just about to leave for the day when I needed to run to the loo. Everyone else was gone. I was wearing a fancy churchy skirt, which meant no pockets. I don’t know what possessed me to, but I stuck my cell phone in my bra (GASP!), as I sometimes do when I am pocketless. Thank God I did because after I was done “powdering my nose” I could not get out of the bathroom. The door had locked behind me.

The Priest was conducting a funeral. I watched out the window from the second floor as the funeral procession went through the courtyard, past the fountain, and into  the church. Darn. Couldn’t call the Father now. Couldn’t climb down in a skirt from the second floor (although the firemen across the street may have gotten a kick out of that) So I watched and waited. After about 45 minutes I called his cell and he came and rescued me. It’s pretty funny now looking back at it but just goes to show you that I really should “count my blessings.” (pun intended, but I won’t make a habit of it, or I may parish, PEW!)

So how did I do on Day #2 of my Rubber Band No-Carb diet? GREAT!

Day 2 Stats:

Weight: 1×6.8  — down 1/2 pound

Mood: Tired & cranky as usual — Where’s the rum?


  • Breakfast: 2 cups o’ Joe w/sugar-free Vanilla
  • Lunch: nothing, wasn’t hungry
  • Dinner: Breadless Meatball Grinders (a girl can dream!)
  • Snack: A few tall drinks with the Captian

Maybe next week I’ll work in some Jazzrcize, or prancing, or Xanadu aerobics….. or something super cheesy. We’ll see.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

    Oct 17, 2014 @ 12:38:52

    Awesome blog Wendy! Don’t stop writing and best wishes on your diet.


  2. wendipoprockct
    Oct 17, 2014 @ 14:37:09

    Thanks Sariea! Much more to come! 🙂


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