Diet Day #3: Oh the #Horror of Life Without #Wine & #Chocolate

I had a horror-ful night…. is that a word?If not, I just made it up. The girl is moody, the boy is sleepy, the dog is moany and I can’t have any wine or chocolate!!!! Serenity now!!!!

Yep! It’s Day #3 of the no-carb rubber band diet and I have not bitten anyone’s head off yet. Except maybe a baby kitty…….


I call this “Ode to Carrie During the Loss of My Inhibitions.”

Psyche. It’s just me post-fright-fest in my shower after using Vampire Red Manic Panic hair dye. The same hair dye I’ve been using since my goth girl teen angst years. Some things never change. It did look like I just murdered a small kitten so of course I needed to document the occasion. (I know what the B is saying—> narcissist)

It is October after all. I can post scary pix like EVERY DAY if I want because there are only 16 days until Halloween!!!!! That means only 16 more days to lose 18 pounds so I can look sexy in my “Sexy Hamburger” “Sexy Mario” or “Sexy Taco” costume. HA! Juuuust kidding! (Or am I?!) The sexy Subway lady in that commercial told me I better lose some weight so I can look as good as her, so I’m listening. Except I’m eating homemade (flourless) beef stew in my brand new $400 brand Pampered Chef pots. Do they make the food taste like Wolfgang Puck or Emeril made it? I will soon find out.

Check out the video here.

I’m not really going to be sexy nurse or foxy fullback or anything cliché, but I will look good no matter what I go as dadburnit! Tomorrow is the real test of my willpower. Dinner and karaoke with friends. I can drink Captain n’ Diet still. Yeah, that’ll work.

They say Day #3 is the hardest of my Rubber Band No-Carb diet and thank peaches it’s almost over!

Day 3 Stats:

Weight: 1×5.5  — down 2 pounds, 3 more and I can take off 1 rubber band! Woo hoo!



  • Breakfast: 2 cups o’ Joe w/sugar-free Vanilla
  • Lunch: Baked & marinated chicken with zucchini, squash and one of my red hairs in the last bite. YUM!
  • Dinner: $400 pan-cooked beef stew. Tasked like $5, just sayin’

Tomorrow is going to be a looooong day with lots of fun on top, like a gooey hot fudge sundae with chocolate and peanut butter sauce, fresh whipped cream and a juicy cherry. YUM!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nicole Morin
    Oct 15, 2014 @ 21:49:19

    Foxy fullback!! Haaa! Luscious linebacker!


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