Day 5 #NoCarb #Diet: Weak, Feverish and in Need of Attention

Screen shot 2014-10-18 at 5.12.36 PM

Friday’s mood was blah, weak, feverish and in need of attention. I woke up from a 3-hour nap with the chills, sweats and a fever. (No, it’s not Ebola).

I couldn’t concentrate all day and it affected my work and my head. Distracted by social media and work CMS problems I only performed at about 50 percent. I called our tech department for help but somehow the nice young gentleman at the other end of line’s words did not quite penetrate my mush brain. Today I’m making up for it.

When kids are sick they get soup, hugs, kisses, wet washcloths, teddy bears and lots of love. When moms are sick we get to still do laundry, cook, clean and work. I know, poor me. Someone needs to create a Rent-a-Mom biz that makes house calls. Sort of like that new app where you can find local singles to cuddle with you. Come plump my pillow and bring me crackers and ginger ale please fake mom.

But for now, I trudge on. Feel free to send any virtual hugs and cuddles my way!

Day 5 Stats:

Weight: 1×1  — Starting weight 1×7.5, down 8 pounds

Mood: Weak, needy and feverish


  • Breakfast: 1 cups o’ Joe w/cream and sugar-free vanilla
  • Lunch: Zilch, zero, nada, not hungry
  • Dinner: Cobb salad with chicken
  • Snack: Mixed nuts

Today’s theme song: Fever by Peggy Lee.

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