#NoCarb #Diet Days 6-11: #Flashback Freaky #Feminist Photo Giving an Imaginary F.U.

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A Flashback Freaky Feminist Photo Giving a Big Imaginary F.U. to the Effers Who Try to Bring Me Down.

(That was a lot of alliteration)


Forgive me internet, for I have sinned: It has been 5 days since my last “blog-fession.”

No, I didn’t cheat on my diet. But I did act like an insane raging lunatic, an insecure emotional puddle of crud, an angry feminist bitch ready to knock out a bunch of nasty divas and a badass empowered female who won’t take any shit from anyone who tries to bring me down— ALL in one week. There’s nothing more unattractive then an insecure, blubbering mess, which is exactly what I was.

I couldn’t understand why I have been so up and down and ready to cry at the drop of a dime upon seeing a dog food commercial on TV, or at the thought of not being important to someone I really care about, or getting upset about silly things like someone not texting me back quickly enough (or at all)…… so I Googled “no carb diet mood swings” and WHA-BAM! Apparently lack of carbs can rob your brain of serotonin, the same “feel good” part of your brain that is responsible for regulating brain functions such as mood, appetite, sleep, and memory. Yikes!

I think that, in combination with the fact I have been getting hammered with bad luck, mean people and getting my hopes crushed has once again put me on a “wild ride.” Thank God the people I hold the dearest to my heart can put up with this and put up with the good, bad and ugly.

Good:  Let me get back to you on that. This was the week from hell.

Bad: Work probs, moody kid probs, poor people probs, exfoliation scrub stuck in my eye for 3 days probs, locked out of my house for 2 hours in the rain probs, mean person mysteriously popping back into my life calling me nasty names & judging me after 6 months of not a peep probs….. etc. etc. etc.

Ugly: I said the meanest,ugliest and most hurtful things to a very dear friend, but she forgave  me anyway. God I’m such a doofus sometimes!

Despite all the things that went wrong this past week, one thing I am really proud of myself for is not going off my diet and blaming it on my miserable problems. Pom poms! Oh I just thought of another good thing……. another friend who I have not talked to in a while must have known something was up, called me and said the nicest things about me that I have not heard in a while.

The pep talk really helped snap me out of the slump I was in and I am saying a big imaginary F.U. to those who let me down, ignore me or don’t follow through. I am not chopped liver and refuse to play second fiddle in relationships, my career or anything else I am involved in. Nobody deserves to be made to feel bad about themselves…. especially when they’re on a no carb diet and lacking serotonin!!!!!

So thank you friend for calling me smart, beautiful, funny, creative and a good writer. You know who you are! 🙂

That’s the past week it in a nutshell.  No complaining, no bitching or moaning, just the facts sir. And here’s how I did…….



Day 11 Stats:

Weight: 1×8.2

Starting Weight: 1×7.5

Loss/Gain: 9.3

Mood: Emotional roller coaster doesn’t begin to describe it.

Food: Meat, veggies & lots of caffeine

  • Breakfast: 2 cups o’ Joe w/sugar-free Vanilla
  • Lunch: Mixed nuts
  • Dinner: Baked chicken and cheddar with salsa


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