The Devil’s in the Details… and in an Orange Tundra #NaNoWriMo2014


Day 7 of #NaNoWriMo means I should be at 11,663 words but I’m only at 4,293. Ditched idea #1 for idea #2 which will be a lot of fun to write, but could take a physical and emotional toll on my body and mind. They say when actors fully immerse themselves in their roles it becomes a part of them, and that is what I fear is happening with my main character Danni-Lynn.

She is a single mom who is intelligent but crass, is young at heart while subtle signs of age creep in, and lives in a trailer park but is highly cultured. She tries to hide her mushy soft center underneath a snarky, tough exterior but fails miserably. After falling on hard times, she sells adult toys for a living to make ends meet, but they still don’t meet. She lives life on the edge, takes way too many risks and walks dangerously close to the edge. And then one night she meets a mysterious stranger at the diner……

Chapter 5: The Devil’s in the Details

“The first time I met the devil was late at night at Willow’s Drive-In. He left hell to visit earth for a little while, just for shits and giggles. I didn’t see him come in at first and, although there were four empty seats at the counter, he sat down right beside me. In an instant I knew someone intelligent and handsome was in my presence, just by the smell of his expensive cologne. 

He was much smaller than I expected, but full of enough class and charm to make any girl melt in submission into his perfectly manicured hands. Out of the corner of my eye I watched as he ran his fingers through his short, brown wavy hair. I turned and smiled. His deep blue eyes sparkled and he winked at me. His smile told me that not matter how hard I tried to resist, I was about to be in for the ride of my life.”

While I’m trying not to fully immerse myself in my main character, seeing as I am married mom of three with a “real” job, I won’t deny myself the pleasure of making one of Danni-Lynn’s signature drinks, an “Orange Tundra,” and hunkering down for  two days of intense writing.

No plans this weekend means I am kicking it up a notch to reach 11,000 words by Sunday night.

Living in a fantasy world of spicy pickles and “Tasteful Tickles,” and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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