#MBBChallenge Day 6: #IrishDance , Knobby Knees and the Bottomless Pit

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My prize-winning super-fit Irish dance teenage daughter is a bottomless pit. She can eat and eat and eat and not gain an ounce. I used to be like that too…..once….

Day #6 Saturday, Jan. 17,2015

For those of you not in the Irish dance world, a “feis” (pronounced FESH) is an Irish dance competition. Saturday my daughter competed and came home with four first place prizes in her level and one second place award. YAY! Last month she competed in the New England Regional Oireachtas held in Providence, Rhode Island and took home 8th place out of 50 dancers. Oireachtas means “gathering” and gather they do. They bring their own coolers, jam-packed with wine, beer,whiskey and whatever else will help parents get through the stress of girl drama, tears, and the ups and downs that go along with the competition.

If ever there is a place you want a drink, it is at a feis.  As much as I love my daughter’s amazing teachers and incredible school, and want to encourage her love of this sport, a feis, for someone who is borderline claustrophobic and whose mom taught her manners (thanks mom!), it is a painful experience.

Many of the other dance moms are pushy and rude, will elbow you battling to get the best “camping” or viewing spot and will practically knock you over with their huge dance dress bags. It would not be so bad if they apologized. Saturday’s viewing spot for me consisted of a 1’x1′ spot by the garbage can, where I stood for 2 hours getting pushed, shoved and knocked over more times that I can count. But she WON! So it was all worth it!

I am grateful to be a part of a dance school that teaches respect, good sportsmanship and how to be a good person in life, in addition to dance. My daughter’s teachers show the dancers how to deal with adversity by walking the walk and talking the talk. Having dealt with obstacles they have experienced personally, they are able to set a good example of how to respond when others are rude, mean and nasty. I can’t go into details about the incident her teachers went through at Oireachtas, but I will just say how impressed I was with their reaction and how they teach the students through their example.

We will be going to another feis this Sunday but I know at least at this one there are chairs to watch and I can go early barricade myself in so I don’t have to get knocked in the head with dance bags and/or sprayed in the face with hairspray.

Yes, if ever there was a place I wanted a drink, it is at a feis.  But I vowed to get through the 6 weeks of Max’s Best Bootcamp fitness challenge sticking to the plan, which means no wine. So far I have been a good girl! THIS is commitment. I brought a protein shake and nuts to this feis because I had a feeling there would not be any healthy options for me and I was correct in my assumption.

When I was little, like my daughter, I could eat and eat and eat and not gain weight. My siblings would call me “knobby knees” because my legs were so long and skinny. They’d also call me the “bottomless pit” because I could down a whole plate of fried seafood and a large pizza without flinching. My how times have changed!

Next week I will kick it up a notch since my son is finally home from the hospital and I can cook and eat healthier.

Day #6 stats:

  • Breakfast: Eggs and bacon, coffee w/half & half
  • Lunch: Protein shake, no healthy options available at the feis
  • Dinner: Baked eggplant and salad
  • Snack: Mixed nuts
  • Workout: Nothing today- still sore from Thursday’s personal training sesh. Can’t go out this weekend due to sick son needing my care. Back on track Monday.
  • Today’s weight: 1×4
  • Lost 4 pounds
  • 16  to go

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