#MBBChallenge Day 7: Life Has its Ups and Downs, Just Keep Hopping!

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Life has its ups and downs

Life has its ups and downs. As long as you stay on your pogo stick and keep moving forward, you will be fine. And what happens if you fall off? Just get up and keep on hopping!

Day #7 Sunday, Jan. 18, 2015

Week one is done and it was a crazy one. In case you’re just joining us, my son had major surgery Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and we have been basically camped out at the hospital all week-long. Needless to say it put a hitch in my exercise mojo.  Click here to read back from Day #1.

All week we ate hospital food, take-out and other foods not exactly on Max’s Best Bootcamp plan. I didn’t eat any carbs and I did not drink wine, but I did have a few no-no’s: mainly cheese and cream. I am not going to beat myself up too bad after what we went through; two days without sleep, a very nerve-wracking week and still another week and a half until we are home free.

Next week I will kick it up a notch since my son is finally home from the hospital and I can cook and eat healthier. So starting in week 2, I will stick to the plan and add in a couple of extra workouts. Let’s DO this!

Day #7 stats:

  • Breakfast: Eggs and sausage, coffee w/half & half
  • Lunch: Protein shake
  • Dinner: Baked eggplant and salad
  • Snack: Mixed nuts
  • Workout: Have not gone to boot camp or training since Thursday.  Definitely need to amp it up next week.
  • Today’s weight: 1×4 <—-STUCK
  • Lost 4 pounds <—-STUCK
  • 16  to go <—-STUCK, What to do……….. what to do…………….

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