#MBBChallenge Day 15: Monday Funday Pre – #Snowmageddon2015 Day!

Screenshot 2015-01-28 at 3.52.48 AM

The hubs made dinner since he knew I was busy with work due to #Snowmageddon2015 (the storm that never was!). He asked me not to make fun of it so I will simply post this photo of his classic Brick ‘o Burger. With this dinner, he has officially ensured that he never has to cook dinner again!

Day #15: Monday, Jan. 26, 2015

What do you get when you cut a semi-frozen slab of ground beef into a rectangular shape out of a meat container, slap it on the George Foreman grill and squeeze every last ounce of juice out of it? See photo. Yes, he tried which was sweet but it was not really edible. My puppy loved it though! Diet trick #472 – burn all your food so you won’t want to eat it!

My appetite and cravings have decreased since I started Max’s Bootcamp Fitness 6-week Challenge. The goal is to lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks through boot camp 3/4 days a week, personal training sessions and a huge change in diet. Check his website below to read more.

The thing that is helping me the most with this weight loss plan is that I have so many new gym buddies and trainers cheering me on.  I have an accountability partner, A.K.A. personal trainer Jess, who checks in and makes sure I am on track. And then there is Max- awesome, inspirational, social media whiz, who is always there with the “good job,” keep kicking butt” and thumbs up.

I’ve been doing pretty good if I do say so myself, but the only thing now is that with the oncoming STORM of the CENTURY, I must be glued to my computer and smart phone 24/7 to post tons of breaking news alerts about the snow, school delays, power outages, etc., etc., etc. Sitting on my butt all day is not exactly conducive to weight loss, or motivation. BUT I stayed on track anyway….because that’s how I roll!

And just because Max is always prepared, he posted some online videos for people to do at home so you don’t ever have to miss a workout. Click here to view.

Day #15 stats:

  • Breakfast: Protein shake
  • Lunch: Almonds
  • Dinner: Extra well well done charcoal burger and pickles – no roll (see photo)
  • Workout: Nothing today
  • Weight: 1×3
  • Lost: 5  pounds
  • 15 to go

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