#MBBChallenge Day 16: Everybody is a Star… Even if You Don’t Feel Like One

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Everybody is a star….even if your boss doesn’t tell you….or you trip and almost fall on your face while trying to jump rope……always be the best you can be, try to stay positive no matter what life throws at you and you will be blessed with amazing people surrounding you. 

Pictured are 3 of 5 of my daughter’s awards she won last weekend at an Irish dance competition.

Day #16: Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015

It’s been a stressful and sleepless past few days/weeks with all  so much work due to #Snowmageddon2015 A.K.A. The Storm That Never Was, or the doctors appointments, eye dr., surgeries, dentists (I have 6 cavities & have to get 2 wisdom teeth out! UGH!) and I haven’t been getting a  heck of a lot of sleep.


On top of that, I have not written anything for my script in weeks and feel my creative juices about to run dry. I know I need to finish my script and I know that I CAN, I just have to DO it. I have to learn to make more time for me.  Thankfully I have a trusted friend and mentor who is very encouraging and has given me a deadline! Exactly what I needed. My deadline is March 3. That means I have 34 days! I can do it!

And just when I was starting to feel pretty crappy, creatively deprived, and haven’t worked out in 4 days,  I get awesome messages like this from my friends:

“You are an amazing person and the world is better for having you! And I’m a better person for having met you!”

“Just wanted you to know I’m thinking of you and I love you!”

“Wendy’s awesome. Her work ethic is inspirational.”

It’s been said you attract the kind of vibes you give out. If you are joyful, you will be surrounded by other joyful people. If you are a miserable complainer, that is who you hang out with  so you can commiserate. Don’t get me wrong, we can’t be happy ALL the time…. but if we have enough good friends to pick us up when we’re feeling down, we will get back on track in no time. I am so grateful for my amazing friends and family who inspire me and care about me.

“The world is a great mirror. It reflects back to you what you are. If you are loving, if you are friendly, if you are helpful,the world will prove to be loving and friendly and helpful in return. The world is what you are.” 

~ Thomas Dreier, Author

And now that we’ve gotten all sappy, put the tissues away, and let’s get physical. I finally made it to boot camp!!!!!! The snow was not half as bad as they predicted and we were all dug out and ready for boot camp. Nick was the instructor and gain, he kicked my butt….in a good way. Tonight’s workout consisted of:

  • Embarrassing moment #1 – getting there late and forgetting my socks, putting on shoes barefoot while the class warned up
  • Embarrassing moment #2 – tripping and almost falling on my face while trying to jump rope. Duuuurrrrr!
  • Embarrassing moment #3 – When I felt like I was going to puke because the workout was so hard so I went to the bathroom – false alarm – and when I came out the whole class was staring because Nick was waiting for me to do the cool down! OY!

Despite these minor moments, the class was awesome and I am so glad I pried myself off the couch after 3 days of 24/7 storm coverage.

Now if only I could get some sleep………

Day #16 stats:

  • Breakfast: Protein shake
  • Lunch: scrambled eggs
  • Dinner: Take-out from Rizzuto’s – NY strip, asparagus and spinach! YUMMMM!!!!!
  • Workout: 60-minute intense boot camp!
  • Weight: 1×3 – stuck here…. gotta kick it up a notch!
  • Lost: 5  pounds
  • 15 to go

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