#MBBChallenge Days 18-22: How to Deal With Curve Balls and Know Good Friends

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I’m learning to be grateful for each moment, each person and even each obstacle in my life. This photo means a lot to me because  it reminds me that back then I was unhappy with the person I was with at the time instead of enjoying and appreciating my newborn baby and all of the good things surrounding me. I was also very young and very stupid. Thankfully, I have grown since then, in inches and wisdom.

Days #18 – 22: Thursday, Jan. 28 – Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015

I’ve never been very good at baseball, or any sports for that matter. My sister was awesome at softball and put me to shame as the all-star pitcher. I was the skinny, sucky catcher and hated it but my mom required all 6 kids to take one sport and one instrument. Music to this day is my life and has been an escape for trying times, some of which I am going through right now.

January 2015 started out by throwing me a series of curve balls. Luckily my mom also taught us 6 kids to be fighters. She’s from Da Bronx, so hitting back was pretty easy at first. But now? My arm is getting sort of tired. Fortunately my friends and family have been right there by my side to help hold me up.

First curve ball: On Day #2 of Max’s Bootcamp 6-week challenge, my son was rushed to the emergency room for what we thought was “just” appendicitis. Little did we know that his appendix had a hole in it, had leaked fluid, the infection spread AND the appendix has attached to the intestine. “Normal” surgery for appendicitis is one day and they go home. We spent the next 4 days camped out by his hospital bed thanking God that he was and is still with us. Had I waited one more day he might not be here.

Next curve ball: On Day #10 came the tooth pain. Well it really came a few days earlier but I was distracted with caring for my son and for his recovery. I finally went to the dentist and found out I have SIX cavities (UGH!) and have to get my 2 wisdom teeth pulled. No biggie, right? Wrong because…..

Current curve ball: On Day #18 I found out that I might possibly have a major health issue to deal with. I was sick to my stomach all day Friday so I could not work out. And because of this health issue my doctor said I can not take my pain meds for my teeth so I have to be in pain every day until this is over.

On top of all that I have been extremely sleep deprived due to working 27/7  for my “real job” on snow coverage, breaking news alerts, snow delays, etc. Even with all of this I am proud to say that I have not cheated on my diet once, not in 22 days, one more day than the last time I cheated on the Rubber Band Diet. So that is good news.

If I can be grateful in this moment for anything it is for the great old friends and new that I have in my life. For the good friends who know that if I have been acting weird, this is why. I apologize for my moodiness and the ups and downs. This is a lot to deal with all in one month. Lack of sleep can make people emotional as well.

But if you think my Facebook status updates are directed at you specifically, don’t. I am also writing a book, loosely based on real life incidents and highly embellished. Take what I post with a grain of salt and try to put yourself in my shoes. Two major health issues to deal with in the space of just a few weeks is enough to drive any “normal” person a little crazy. Anyone who was with me when I wrote my book during the month of November has seen me go crazy but I came out the other side unscathed. I know I will this time too. My goal is to complete my current script by March 3 so if you can’t deal, hide me in your news feed until then. 🙂

Let me close by saying this- A good friend will be there to love and support me. A good friend will not say I am a horrible person or that I am crazy, even thought at times I can be. A good friend will accept apologies and move on. A good friend will be there as a support and a sounding board, stocked with plenty of positive things to say to distract and make me smile. A good friend will not drag me down, but build me up.

A most sincere thank you to all those who have been there for me this month– family, co-workers, new gym buddies, writing friends, muses, old friends and new.

I will get through this because, as one amazing family member said to me today: “You are a fighter and a very strong woman.” This is true now more than ever. And there are so many more good things to come.

Days #18 – 22 stats:

I can’t remember exactly. Mostly my diet consists of eggs for breakfast, a shake for lunch, lean protein and veggies for dinner, nuts for snacks and plenty of water.

So far in 22 days I have lost 11 pounds. I am more than halfway there! Woo hoo!

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