#MBBChallenge Week 3: Please Hold, We are Experiencing Temporary Boot Camp Difficulties

Screen shot 2015-02-06 at 12.19.04 AM

Yes, on week #3 I am still living the no-carb lifestyle.

No wine, chocolate or sugar for 26 days now. Yay me!

Wednesday & Thursday Feb. 4 & 5

On Day #26 I have realized that Max’s Best Bootcamp Challenge has to be put on hold due to unexpected health reasons. I said nothing would stop me or make me quit, and I am not quitting, just putting it on hold for now. I just found out some life-changing news yesterday and will explain tomorrow after test results are analyzed by my doctors.

I don’t feel like I can truly represent what Max’s Best Bootcamp is all about if my doctor says I can’t do the boot camp part of it, which is huge. Yes, I will still stick to the diet and I do still see weight coming off but until I can get back on board 100%, I won’t be posting my daily blogs about my progress. I will now be switching my focus to my current battle; getting my inner health on track.

Th good news is that I have made some very positive changes over the past month and it shows on the scale. I’m down 12 pounds since I started and I am sticking with the healthy eating plan. I know once I get back to the gym I will continue to kick butt and reach my 20 pound weight loss goal.

Thank you Max and Jess for all of your support so far. I’ll be back soon!

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