Top 10 WendiPopRock #MyLeftBoob Questions

wendy pink gown

I got to be “pretty in pink” in this lovely gown 3 Mondays in a  row, 3 snowstorms in a row, 3 doctor’s appointments in a row. And finally after a 4-doctor 7-hour marathon appointment all day Friday and another one today, we finally have some answers!

Because my texts, phone messages, emails and IMs all keep dinging with the same questions, I figured I would answer them all here in a handy-dandy short ‘n sweet blog post. THEN we can get on with the important stuff.

Here is your need-to-know info based upon your most asked questions:

  1. What stage are you in?
    • Stage 2. Not sure if it is in Stage 2A or 2B but we’re getting it taken care of A.S.A.P. That was an unplanned rhyme because I’m just that good :p
  2. What type of cancer is it?
    • Invasive Infiltrated Ductal Cancer. Yep, it invaded my ducts but I’ve already served the eviction notice so get packin’ ya lousy lump!
  3. What caused it?
    • The doctor nothing I did caused it. It was not any outside source or my cell phone. It is a very common type of cancer that occurs inside the breast. 
  4. When is your surgery?
    • Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015.
  5. How much of your boob are they taking? Uummm…really? Yes. I really got this question.
    • They did not give me an estimate but from what they can tell from the ultrasound/mammogram, the lump is about 1 1/2″ x 2″ so the plan is to take out the cancerous lump, along with a bit of the surrounding tissue. This is called a lumpectomy.
  6. Will you have to get a mastectomy?
    • We’re not sure until they take out the lump, have it tested, and take some lymph node samples to have them tested to find out the extent of it. But I saw this chick who had a mastectomy post something really funny that made me sort laugh: “Posted for your friend. The left one is real, the right one man made. And it used to be my stomach! Now when I do too many sit ups, my right boob goes flat!”  
  7. Will you have to do chemo?
    • Not sure until the test results are back about a week after the surgery.
  8. Will you lose your hair?
    • If I have to have chemo then yes, possibly, but it’s not the worst thing in the world. And it’s only temporary. I will survive and my hair will grow back. And if I do have to go through chemo, we can plan an awesome benefit concert for my daily scarf fund since I will want only the most fashionable ones.
  9. How are you?
    • Good– positive, focused and determined….most of the time….but when I don’t hear from you but see Buzzfeed quiz posts, it makes me wonder.
  10. How are the kids and your husband taking the news?
    • Husband is quiet/worried/concerned, kids are pretty much the same- all are okay as far as I can tell. Prayers and positive vibes for them would be cool.

This has all been a lot to take in since last Wednesday, just four days ago. I am sure there will be ups and downs but I have an amazing support system and lots of people praying for me and wishing me well. I went to church Sunday and was prayed for. I jokingly asked my friend’s husband (who is a member) if he orchestrated the service because it seemed the songs, drama and sermon were all just for me. Pretty awesome the way that works.

I have peace in my heart knowing I am in good hands with my surgeon and I am keeping a positive attitude.

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“Stay calm and think positive!”

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    Feb 10, 2015 @ 01:41:46

    Wendy you are so amazingly awesome. I’m proud of you and I love your positiveness,


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