#MBBChallenge is Still On! So Take That #BreastCancer in #MyLeftBoob

 day8Today was rough. Got two shots in the face of Novocaine to fill two cavities, after three shots in the face yesterday to fill three cavities and fix a crown my old dentist bumbled. My NEW dentist (Dr. Kevin Stanton) is amazing. He worked very quickly and kept my pain to a minimum. He said he needed to get me battle ready for Tuesday and now that it’s all done I am ready!


Last week I posted that I was taking a break from Max’s Best Bootcamp 6-week challenge due to health issues…..in case you’re just joining us, I have breast cancer. The more I say those four words the more it hits me. I would have never thought I would be going through this at this stage of my life. I’m only 45. There is no history of cancer in my family and I just had a mammogram less than a year ago. I go every year since the age of 40 and every year it is clear. But here I sit, ready to fight the uninvited and unwelcome evil that has invaded my body.

I won’t say “Why me?” or have a pity party. I will say “Why not me?” This type of cancer is the most common in 80% of women and is very treatable. So there is no time to feel sorry for myself. There is only time to get myself prepared for this battle I am about to fight and do everything I can to get myself healthy. This includes STAYING on Max’s Best Bootcamp Challenge– not taking a break.

My doctor gave me the all-clear on Friday after my biopsy and suggested I go to yoga or something low-impact. Max was nice enough to call me on Monday for an update and essentially said, “Heck no!” to the yoga idea. I’m not a yoga kind of gal so I agree. He said that if my doctor gave me the all-clear to come back to boot camp and they will tailor a workout just for me like they’ve been doing.

He also said it is essential that I do not stray from the plan now more than every because “cancer feeds on sugar.” This includes sugar, white flour and anything that will turn to sugar in the body. He has done extensive studying on the matter and I am going to do my best to eat healthy and “starve the cancer cells” like he urged.

So today started out with a personal training session with my trainer Jess. Two weeks out of the gym and it was really tough to get back into the swing of things. Plus I fell off the “Max approved” wagon a few days ago so I went from losing 11 pounds so far to gaining a lot of it back. I still lost 6 pounds overall since Day #1 four weeks ago, but with a few setbacks: son’s surgery, biopsy and  breast cancer diagnosis, I am not going to get too down on myself.

I plan on getting back into the gym on Friday afternoon after my radioactive seed implant, as long as I am not too sore. Then I have Saturday through Monday to get in a couple of workouts before my lumpectomy surgery on Tuesday.

The doctor says I can still workout and teach my children’s theater class after the surgery as long as I am not lifting anything or straining my arm where it is sore.

With an awesome pep talk from Max and a great training session with Jess, I know I can get back on track in no time!

And tomorrow I have an exciting surprise! Stay tuned!

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