#MyLeftBoob Will Soon Become Radioactive Like Marvel Superhero Dazzler!

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Dazzler is a fierce female superhero who had a brief stint of fame during the mid-80s’s in Marvel’s X-Men comics. This summer she will make her big comeback with an all-female team in A-Force. Why is she so awesome? She is a mutant singer and performer who has the extraordinary ability to turn music into light beams. And she roller skates everywhere! 

As part of my treatment for breast cancer, I recently found out that I will have a radioactive seed implanted into my left breast. This is now used instead of a painful placement of a wire to mark the location of the tumor.

Doctors call it radioactive seed localization (RSL). The radioactive seed is placed directly on the cancerous lump to guide the surgeon in removing the lump, the seed and cancerous tissue surrounding it.

Of course my first thought was— Hmmm, I wonder what kind of super powers I will acquire with this implantation? Will my left breast now have the supernatural capacity to see, hear and feel things beyond its normal abilities? Will I be able to carve bulletproof glass with a single nipple? Only time will tell.

Alison Blaire, A.K.A. Dazzler, didn’t find out she has special powers until she was a teenager. She was performing at a high school show when her mutant powers manifested, and she was forced to blind all in attendance to save herself from persecution. She tried hiding her mutation for years before embracing it in her college years. Joining forces with X-Men, getting imprisoned and having her DNA stolen, among other battles fought, including defeating The Hulk, has made this fierce female fighter a force to reckon with.

Like Dazzler, I am a fighter and I didn’t find out about my “special” characteristics until my teen years as well.  No, I didn’t know I’d have breast cancer back then, but I did know that my left boob was always different.  You can stop reading now brother, kids and Dad.

As my left breast developed, the nipple grew a little bit differently (like me). No, I don’t have 3 nipples, just not one that is perfectly formed. I was always self-conscious about my “imperfect” nipple but now I see it as just another part of me that makes me unique. I was hoping that after surgery that they could “fix it,”  but now I’m thinking maybe I will just leave it as is. It’s part of who I am and what makes me special.

So what does Dazzler the superhero have to do with me kicking breast cancer’s ass? Dazzler had her DNA stolen to make more mutants before Magneto rescued and brought her to the X-Men to be healed. I had my good health stolen and now it’s time for me to take it back.

And I have superpowers too. They are called: positivity, strength, faith, determination, humor and support. I have a Magneto in my life and X-Men who surround and support and lift me up so I can be healed.  My X-Men are doctors who will take out the bad so the goodness can shine through like Dazzler’s special light beams. My superheroes are my kids, my husband, my family and friends who uplift and inspire me every step of the way.

My super powers are strength and positivity that will defeat cancer when it tries to rear its ugly head and steal my good health or positive thoughts. And, like Dazzler, I will keep on singing through all of my battles. I will  keep on rocking and keep on kicking cancer’s ass.

Screen shot 2015-02-10 at 9.52.34 PMPlease join me in #MyLeftBoob mission to raise awareness for self breast exams.

All you have to do is:
  1. Take a selfie with your clothed left boob prominently displayed
  2. Post it on Facebook, Instagram an/or Twitter, tag me @WendiPopRock and hash tag #MyLeftBoob #CancerSucks
  3. Tag your family and friends and challenge them to do it too!
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“Stay calm and think positive!”



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