Alan Barry Photography Joins #MyLeftBoob Mission for Breast Cancer Awareness

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Technical Assistant, Hair/Makeup Assistant Taylor Dombroski applies touch-ups on location at Max’s Best Bootcamp, Danbury, Conn. Photo: Alan Barry Photography, Hair- Becky Roman/Salon Kamala, Makeup- Rachel Brewer/Rachel Brewer Makeup Artist.

Last night I had the pleasure of working with an amazing photographer, Alan Barry, to help raise awareness for my mission of the importance of self breast exams. I first met Alan at my gym, Max’s Best Bootcamp, the place I’ve been writing about for the past few weeks. I am currently doing Max’s 6-week challenge, although it may end up being a little bit longer due to my current health “bump in the road.” I’m not calling it a “crisis.” It’s too melodramatic!

I interviewed both Alan and Max separately for articles for the website where I am an editor:

I had originally approached Alan to do a boudoir photo shoot to surprise my husband for Valentine’s Day. After 20 years of marriage it’s always a good idea to throw some spice into the mix. (I know kids, “Ew! Gross!“) My plan was to lose 20 pounds on Max’s Bootcamp Challenge and then do the photo shoot. As you now know, life had other plans.

On Feb. 4, World Cancer Day, I found out that I have breast cancer. I found a lump on my left breast accidentally when I dropped some hair dye there. After undergoing some tests over a period of two weeks, the doctors confirmed my worst fear; I have breast cancer.

What started as a way to cheer me up by asking friends and family to post a boob selfie with the hash tag #MyLeftBoob soon turned into something so much bigger. I realized that I can help remind others to do something I forgot every month because in my head I was low risk. In less than a week, over 50 friends, family and strangers began posting boob selfies to show their support of my fight and to join my mission to help raise awareness for self breast exams.

I couldn’t believe that I have breast cancer at first- I get a mammogram every year, I thought, There is no cancer in my family, I said, I just had a mammogram less than a year ago and it was all clear, I reasoned with myself. None of that mattered. What matters now is getting treated and helping save lives so others can catch it quickly like me.

After explaining to Alan that the subject matter, and mood, of our photo shoot will now change, without hesitation he agreed to join my mission and took pictures of me last night to document my journey. Everything fell into place very quickly and I am so grateful to the people who donated their services to support my cause:

I appreciate each and every one of you being so giving in supporting my fight and helping to promote my cause through your generosity.

The shoot was amazing. Alan was a complete professional and made me feel very comfortable. Taylor was also incredible and so strong. She just lost her best friend Sara to brain cancer less than a month ago and was still able to be there to support me. Click here to read about Sarah’s life and to donate to help her family.

Alan just finished up a shoot working with someone who is also very involved in cancer research and said that this is just the beginning of our journey together. Who knows what the future holds? For now I am taking each day as it comes and doing my best to enjoy every minute.

I am very excited to see the finished product and will post photos as soon as they are ready.

Do you want to help me raise awareness for self breast exam and save a life? Please join me in #MyLeftBoob mission to raise awareness for self breast exams. Guys AND girls are welcome!

All you have to do is:
  1. Take a selfie with your clothed left boob prominently displayed
  2. Post it on Facebook, Instagram an/or Twitter, tag me @WendiPopRock and hash tag #MyLeftBoob
  3. Tag your family and friends and challenge them to do it too!

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  1. Lori
    Feb 14, 2015 @ 15:12:35

    I just happened to come across this blog on FB-February 4th I had surgery to remove a mass in my left breast that contains atypical cells. At this time I am cancer free but due to a strong family history (my mom is 2 years out from double mastectomy & stage 3 triple negative bc),more atypical cells and numerous cysts, I will be watched like a hawk. This is just the beginning of the BC journey but I’m hoping you have a positive outcome. Thank you for your project-it is a worthy one.l


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