Alan Barry Photography Helps Tell Journey of #MyLeftBoob Through Photo Shoot


Photo Alan Barry Photography. Photo gallery at bottom of this blog post.

I approached Alan Barry in mid-January about doing a boudoir photo shoot to surprise my husband for Valentine’s Day. We’ve been married for 20 years and I thought this would be a good way to “spice things up.” I knew I needed to get in shape before the shoot and Alan and I agreed to meet the week before Valentine’s Day to give me time.

It was in early January that I decided I wanted to get my health back on track and lose weight. I had been going out too much, sleeping too little, drinking too much, working out……not at all. My doctor told me at my last physical about a year ago that I have high glucose in my blood and am pre-diabetic. She said if I cut all carbs I can prevent diabetes with my diet.  I hadn’t been feeling “myself” and knew I needed to do something on the inside and the outside to make changes for the better.

I joined Max’s Best Bootcamp on Monday, Jan. 12 and on Day #2, Tuesday, Jan. 13 I found out my son had to have an emergency appendectomy… and it was infected…and there was a tear in his intestine….and we camped out at the hospital for five days until he was better. Then there was the two weeks of recovery at home. The same  day I found out my son would be okay I found a lump on my left breast while dying my hair.

If you have been reading my blog you know the rest of my story. If not, here is a condensed version:

  • Found Lump 1/22
  • Had Biopsy 2/2
  • Diagnosed with Breast Cancer 2/4
  • Had Lumpectomy Surgery 2/17

Now we wait on pins and needles for results that I will hopefully have by Monday to determine if I go for radiation in 4 weeks or chemo and then radiation. I’m hoping for no chemo of course.

When I found out I was going to have a lumpectomy I knew I wanted the photo shoot to be something more than pictures for my husband. I knew I had to do something to raise awareness for the importance of self breast exams to as many people as possible. I started #MyLeftBoob campaign and called Alan. He agreed to turn our boudoir photo shoot into an awareness campaign. And he decided he would do this free of charge as his gift to me. This is from someone I had just met a few weeks ago. Thank you Alan. Your generosity is amazing.

I was so touched by this gesture and began the process of setting up hair and makeup people and a location. All of these kind-hearted people also gifted their services to me for this important awareness campaign and I am so very grateful to:

Thank you all so very much!

Alan was a complete professional throughout the entire shoot. He talked to me at length before the shoot to let me know what types of photos he would be shooting. This helped calm my nerves. I knew he was used to working with gorgeous women and my “Mother of 3” body was far from the model types he is used to photographing.

Our assistant Taylor was also amazing and was there not only for moral support for me but was able to help with hair, makeup, technical and lighting assistance.

As we all spoke before the shoot we realized that cancer has touched us all. Alan had just completed a photo shoot for someone who works to further awareness for cancer. And Taylor had just lost her best friend from childhood a few weeks earlier to brain cancer. She was only 18. As I hear more and more stories like this I realize that “my” cancer is about more than just me.

It is about inspiring others who are going through the battle to stay positive and keep fighting. It is about showing my kids that even though life throws us curveballs, we don’t give up. We stay calm, stay positive and fight back because we are strong.

If I can use my writing to help others and my awareness to help people remember to do self breast exams, then the fight is all worth it. I will use these photos on my blog posts and Alan and I will brainstorm on how we can reach an even bigger audience to get this very important message out there.

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Let’s get #MyLeftBoob trending on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If I didn’t find mine when I did it may have been too late.
All you have to do is:
  1. Take a selfie with your clothed left boob prominently displayed
  2. Post it on Facebook, Instagram an/or Twitter, tag me @WendiPopRock and hash tag #MyLeftBoob #CancerSucks
  3. Tag your family and friends so they will do it too!


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