Thoughts From Me and #MyLeftBoob – I’m Not “The #Cancer Lady”

Wendy Harry Molly

One of my many personas, “The Puppet Lady,” with Harry and Molly at a street fair in Bethel, Conn. Photo: Chris Mitchell

Over the years I have had a lot of jobs and have volunteered with a bunch of different non-profits and churches. In the photo above I was posing with two of the most popular puppets that I use for original, educational puppet shows at churches, schools and birthday parties. I love working with kids and have always tried to use my creativity to benefit my community.

One such “job” I did was lead a group of 300+ children in a cowboy-themed morning “round-up” song before Vacation Bible School at my old church. Those who have just met me over the past few years are thinking– She goes to CHURCH? I know, GASP! Yes. I go to church sometimes and I have worked in five different churches as a children’s and youth director. Not so shocking that Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into wine- just sayin’!

That year’s Vacation Bible School was a western theme so each morning that week I led children in songs and dances dressed in my cowgirl hat, cowgirl boots and chaps. The following weekend I was walking my son into his baseball game dressed in my “normal clothes” and a little girl stopped, pointed right at me and exclaimed, “Look Mommy it’s the Cowgirl Lady!”

I’ve had other little ones say, “Look Mommy, it’s the Puppet Lady” or adults who remember me from my jobs, “Hey, aren’t you the Karaoke Lady” ( used to be a karaokeDJ). Or they’ll say, “Hey, it’s Wendy from Patch!” Patch is my full-time job where I am an editor of a family of online news websites in the greater Danbury area. I am currently on medical leave as I battle this evil thing called “breast cancer.”

It’s nice to be recognized and noticed for good things that I do. What I don’t want to happen through all of this is for people to now see me as, “That Cancer Lady.” I will not be defined by a nasty and unwelcome visitor who invaded my body and uprooted my life. I refuse to let something I have no control over define me. I am so much more than that.

Yes, right now in my life I have been writing a lot about cancer. This is the season I am in and it is only temporary. I write to raise awareness and save lives, not to depress people or bring them down. I hope that my writing will encourage people to do the simple act of posting a #MyLeftBoob selfie to remind others to do a self breast exam. That is how I found the lump.

Please join me in my awareness campaign. All you have to do is:

  1. Take a selfie with your clothed left boob prominently displayed
  2. Post it on Facebook, Instagram an/or Twitter, tag me @WendiPopRock and hash tag #MyLeftBoob
  3. Tag your family and friends and challenge them to do it too!

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