Lucky Charms and Inspiring Stories About #BreastCancer #MyLeftBoob

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I wish I didn’t have to have bad days but I know they will come.
My challenge throughout this journey will be to try to find the good in each and every day, no matter what happens. Today for example, I started out the day thinking my purse had gotten stolen. I even called the police and canceled my bank cards before realizing I had left it out on the back porch… whoops.
Now how will I see good in any of that? Because after it was all over I got to watch my beautiful and talented daughter dance for a crowd for a St. Patrick’s Day event with her incredible dance school, Gilleoghan Irish Dance.  She has the most loving, funny, kind and compassionate teachers in the world who have been here with us since day one of my battle. They have not only taught her about excelling at Irish dance, but about respect, good sportsmanship and what it means to care about others in our community. I am very lucky to be a part of this family and count them as one of my many blessings.
lucky blessings: 
  • I am only Stage 1
  • It did not spread to my lymph nodes
  • I am young, strong, and a stubborn and sassy Irish lassie
  • I am being treated at one of the top cancer centers in the country
  • I have a huge support system through friends, church and my daughter’s dance school
  • I have an amazing, supportive family
  • I have the best readers who lift me up and encourage me.

Here are some of their wonderful letters. Some are heartbreaking. Some are inspirational. Every story here is worth telling and represents another brave woman who fought this hard battle.

“Our daughter was 43 years old and had her last baby a couple of years earlier. She felt the lump but thought it was from breast-feeding and delayed going to a doctor. She was misdiagnosed at first, but by the time she got the correct diagnosis of Triple Negative it was too late and it cost her life, leaving 3 children behind. Stay positive and think positive.” ~J.C.

“I am also second generation with Braca 1 mutation. What you are doing to spread the word of early detection is amazing and I pray all is well in your journey. Blessings to you and your family.” ~S.R.

“I admire that you have already taken this time to increase awareness of the importance of monthly self exams. You have already helped others in such a short time! Your selflessness is admirable. I wish you all the strength, comfort, and peace a person can have as you take your cancer journey. Here’s to kicking cancer’s butt and taking its power away!” ~K.D.

“I was diagnosed with BC last January, although mine was not Triple Negative. Like you, I went every year and there was nothing visible in a mammogram a year before. Mine was a low grade tumor-slow growing that I finally found because I noticed a teeny dimple on my breast. I had a single mastectomy (left too!) in early March of 2014, finished 4 rounds of chemo June 20th. I want to tell you one simple thing that another BC sister told me early on. You can do this. It won’t always be easy, but you will get through it. Women are amazingly strong and facing tough times is just a part of our DNA. Lean on the people around you, take the help that is offered and remember: You can do this.” ~J. B.

“My wife was diagnosed over 2 years ago with Triple Negative breast cancer.  Unfortunately, she was breast feeding our daughter so was initially misdiagnosed as having an infection.  That allowed it to spread to 11 of her lymph nodes (stage 2b).  We had a very tough 2 years and moved in with her parents as she went through treatment – all with a 1 year old baby. It was a nightmare, made all the worse with this ‘Triple Negative’ label.  A word of advice – don’t give up, get angry to beat it. I truly understand now how fragile life is. One hour in a doctor’s surgery can turn your whole world upside down.” ~P.G.

And here is the story of a friend who asked that I fight my battle in honor of her mother.

“My mom had breast cancer. Her name was Frankie. Her doctors misdiagnosed her at first and they lost 6 months while they treated her for thyroid problems. She fought with everything she had, but with the doctors missing it, she lost the battle. Would you consider fighting for her as you go through this journey? Take strength from her. I would be so honored if you would stand on her shoulders and stand tall!” ~C.W.

Yes Frankie. This fight is for you.  And I also will fight in honor of all those women who fought hard and strong and are no longer with us. And for those brave, strong women who are still fighting like me, stay positive, stay strong. We are all in this together.

Will you join my fight? Click here to support my breast cancer treatment and share if you know someone whose life has been touched by cancer.

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