Wading Through Life with the Help of Some Mermaids #MyLeftBoob #BreastCancer Battle

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Part of what kept my spirits up during the last 10 weeks of my journey was teaching a children’s theatre class each Saturday morning. We got through about 10 or more snowstorms, 20 doctors appointments and lots of ups and downs, but in the end the play was a huge success. Seeing the smiles of the kids faces each week helped me escape my reality if only for an hour or two. 

Update from my GoFundMe page:

All’s been quiet on the medical front the past couple of weeks while I patiently wait for phase 2 of my battle to begin….. chemo. Just wrapped a 10-week children’s theatre class and threw 2 birthday parties for my daughter since chemo #3 (one of the hardest) will be on her actual birthday May 21st.

The mail and calls are starting to come in for the hospital bills and I’m hoping I can maintain my full-time work schedule during treatment to pay them. I went back to work last Monday after my leave ended but I’m not done with my treatment yet. There’s still 4-6 more months to go. Hopefully through good nutrition and the power of positive thinking I can stay physically and mentally strong throughout.

As I’ve written before, the worst part of the fight has been the waiting….for results….for doctors to call back….for surgery….results of biopsy… lumpectomy…another biopsy…results of the PET Scan……and now waiting for the worst…chemo drugs, also known as “The Red Devil.”

They call it “Red Devil” because it’s red and the biggest, baddest cancer drug out there. The medical term is Adriamycin and its side effects are very harsh- hair loss, nail loss, nausea, extreme fatigue, heart issues, and the list goes on.

As with any fight, you can psych yourself up (or out) of it and, depending on the information you put into your head. You can go into the fight scared or empowered. My goal is to be mentally, physically and spiritually prepared.

I’m hearing about all of the horrible side effects of chemo, fears and other negative and symptoms of this illness. But for me, this is all just fear of the unknown. All of us are different, at various age ranges, health and fitness levels, mental states, stages of cancer, etc. so I have no idea if my reaction to the chemo drugs will be any better or worse than someone else’s.

Being a positive thinker, I have to psych myself up to remember that I am young and healthy and strong. I’m trying to fill my mind with good and uplifting stories and info as I wait for treatment to begin.

Another hard part of this battle has been dealing with the many miracle “quick fixes” I’ve been sent — Just eat this and you’ll be cured! Just have an alkaline diet! Don’t do chemo and try homeopathic remedies instead! If only it was that easy.

It’s interesting to note the many disclaimers at the bottom of the alternative remedies websites and articles I’m being sent on an almost daily basis:

“No statement on this website has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.”

“Any product mentioned or described on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ”

“I’m not a doctor and can’t give medical advice. I don’t prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure disease. I do not practice medicine. I have no certifications of any kind.”

As I’ve said before, I should not have to defend myself, but each day when people send the latest miracle cure, miracle food, webisode, PBS special, etc. I find myself defending my decisions over and over. And it’s not just one person so please don’t think this is directed at you. It’s MANY good-intentioned people and I am grateful I have so many who care about me. I know you all mean well and it is coming from a good place and so I truly do thank you for your concern.

But I must say once again: It is my body and my fight. It is my decision as to how and where I will be treated. So just to recap:

  • YES I am eating healthy- no preservatives, no chemicals, no sugar, no carbs, no alcohol, lean proteins, all organic veggies….as I have been doing since Jan. 1, since before I was diagnosed.
  • YES I am doing chemo.
  • NO I will not skip chemo or do alternative methods while doing chemo and “just don’t tell your doctor.” That is VERY dangerous.

My three-part regimen known as ACT, stands for Adriamycin, Cytoxan, Taxol, starts in 9 days. This battle is about to get REAL. This is the time I need the most love and support.

Next up on the agenda:

  • 4/2 – final consultation & sign papers to move forward with treatment
  • 4/6 – port placement for chemo
  • 4/9 – first chemo treatment

Thank you so much for your support.

~Wendy 🙂

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