#MyLeftBoob Goes to Chemo #1

wendy flower hat

A lovely hat given to me by the receptionist at the hospital who excitedly said as she proudly presented it, “I saved it just for you because it matches your eyes!” So sweet!

First chemo done? Check! No allergic reactions? Double check! Waiting for the other shoe to drop and/or kick me in the patootie over the weekend? Hmmmm….

Got first chemo treatment over with yesterday during a span of about 5 hours. My chemo drugs will be given every other week over the next 16 weeks and are called “ACT,” which stands for Adriamycin, Cytoxan and Taxol.

I had a lumpectomy Feb. 17 and the biopsy showed it was Triple Negative Metaplastic Carcinoma, Stage 1, no lymph node involvement.

According to Chemocare.com, “this treatment is given after surgery to try to prevent or minimize the growth of microscopic deposits of tumor cells that might grow into a recurrent tumor.”

“One standard regimen for adjuvant treatment for breast cancer is a combination of Adriamycin and Cytoxan, and more recently, Taxol has been added to hopefully enhance disease free survival.”

Today I had a shot of Neulasta (a white blood cell count booster) which I was told can cause bone pain. Hopefully the side effects will be minimal. So far I only feel a flush face and a few hot flashes, no bone pain. But I did get the dropsies 3 times tonight while trying to cook dinner. Thankfully my daughter said, “Go lay down mom, I’ll clean it up. You’re probably tired.” Sweet girl. She’s 14 and is my nighttime caregiver since both my husband and 19-year-old son work nights.

So far we’ve filmed 2 days of the ‪#‎MyLeftBoob‬ trailer, directed and produced by rmedia. The purpose of the documentary is to shed light on this very rare and aggressive type of cancer that only 1% of women are diagnosed with, compared to other types of breast cancer that 80% of women are diagnosed with.

Because it’s so rare, there is not much written out there and not much research or clinical trials being done. We hope the #MyLeftBoob documentary can put us Metaplastic fighters on the map and start gaining traction with the big cancer researchers.

We have a third filming day scheduled for next week and hopefully soon after that the trailer and website will be ready to be released. Stay tuned!

As the evening progresses I’m starting to feel more tired and nauseous so it’s time to get some rest. Chemo #2 is on 4/23.

Thank you so very much for all of your donations, love and support. It makes this battle so much more bearable! I really appreciate your kindness, prayers and well wishes.

To donate to support my fight to cover hospital bills, please click here.

Wendy 🙂

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