#MyLeftBoob #BreastCancer Chronicles: Chemo Day 18, Bye Bye Hair, Hello #WendysWarriors

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The Fall…….

Day #17 of chemo is when “it” happened. Really it was Day #18 late at night when I went to take my shower. It’s the moment every chemo patient dreads; when the hair starts falling out. For me it was a shocker because my doctor said it would be on Day #19 or #20 which would have been Tuesday or Wednesday so I thought I still had a few days left to mentally prepare. Nope.

You’d think going through 2 surgeries, 2 biopsies, 5 dental visits and a tooth extraction, waiting for test results would be the hardest part of this fight, but no. It’s losing the hair. It is very traumatic and part of everyone’s identity. It seems so vain to be worried about it but until you have walked in our shoes you really have no idea how difficult it is. I am not quite ready to post bald photos or do henna tattoos or have friends draw with Sharpies on my hairless skull so you can save those suggestions for now. I will come to terms with it in my own time. It’s just another new symptom to deal with.

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Yucky, Sucky Side Effects…..

My sister-in-law Sherri brought me to chemo #2 on Thursday and I was feeling nauseous all day. The dizziness came Thursday night, along with lingering mouth sores. Thankfully my sister Shari and Figs Wood Fired Grill in Newtown brought us dinners for Thursday and Friday night. And The Scotty Fund, based out of Bethel, has been awesome with delivering on Mondays and Wednesdays so we are covered. More info on The Scotty Fund and founder Linda Anderson’s award coming soon! We are so incredibly grateful for the army of dedicated volunteers and family who are helping us through. But nothing makes me feel better like my Mom’s homemade chicken soup! Thanks Mom! 🙂

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On Friday my sister Debbie brought me to get the Neulasta shot to keep my white blood cell counts up and then we had a nice lunch at Plain Jane’s. It’s so nice to be surrounded by such a loving and supportive family during this time. Friday night my face and chest was pretty red and thought I had a fever but then remembered my doctor said since I’m so fair-skinned that the Neulasta will probably do that to me.

Nausea lingered all weekend because it’s really hard to keep up with taking 3 meds for it, plus pills for mouth sores and something to help me sleep. I’m not normally a pill popper. If I get a headache I ride it out or have some tea…or wine….but I have not had any wine in months. So this whole pill popping lifestyle is something I am learning to deal with for now.

Say Goodbye Saturday….

Then came Saturday night when I said goodbye to a lot of my hair in the shower. Thankfully the kids were already asleep and didn’t have to hear my meltdown. But my husband, my rock, my biggest supporter, helper, caretaker and best friend was right there for me to clean up my mess and my tears. I can’t imagine going through this battle alone. My husband, kids and family of course all said I still look pretty which is very nice. It’s just hard to feel pretty when you don’t feel good. But I will keep fighting and keep trying to stay positive and focused on my fight. And I let others lift me when I am down as they have been. And pray. And laugh. My brother Dennis especially always makes me laugh! 😀

Sleepy Sunday……….

I slept 10 good hours finally which was very much needed and was pleasantly surprised by my sister-in-law Karen who brought over a pot roast. This was so helpful after my husband and kids are giving the kitchen a much-needed makeover. Don’t worry- paint fumes aren’t bad and are going out the door with 4 box fans. I’m in the other room. Doc said it’s okay as long as it’s well ventilated. Pix coming soon!

Stay Sassy!

On a brighter note, I created a Relay for Life team called “Wendy’s Warriors” and we have our first team meeting on Monday. I thought I would have one more day with my sassy new haircut given to me by my sister Becky at Salon Kamala. Oh well. Pictures last longer. Thanks Beckells! 🙂

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Now I will wear sassy hats  and scarves and bandanas. The t-shirt design for Wendy’s Warriors was created by my amazingly talented Newtown High School friend Lisa Kosarko Setaro who donated her time to create it for me. Check out her work  at www.gruntleddesigns.com.

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If you want to order a t-shirt please email me, wendipoprock@gmail.com, with your size. T-shirts will be white with the face on the front and the warrior logo on the back. Adults $25, kids $20. 100% of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society to find a cure. If you want to donate to Relay for Life our team please visit Wendy’s Warriors Team Page:


#MyLeftBoob Documentary….

Filming is still happening. Trailer and website will be coming soon. I will keep you posted!! It is a lot to juggle with kids, hubby, puppy, full-time job, treatments and I need to rest and focus on my fight. When I am done with my treatment there will be plenty of time to keep working to raise awareness. So for now it has to be a “Me Party” until I get better.

Looking ahead…..

My next chemo #3 is on Thursday, May 7th and then I’m looking forward to my sister Dawn’s visit for chemo#4 on Thursday, May 21st, which is also my daughter Ruby’s 15th birthday! The first 4 treatments of the ACT are the hardest I’m told because of the harsh A– Adriamycin and C-Cytoxan. After May 21 then I get 4 doses of T-Taxol which has its own slew of side effects. But I’m taking it one day at a time, one step at a time.

Last chemo of 8 is Thursday, July 16 so I only have 80 days of chemo to go! Then I get a 4-week break before I start radiation 5 days a week for 6 more weeks. I can do this!!!!

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